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We are global. We are one.

Welcome to the new Global Community High School website!                    Special thank you to our school corporate sponsors and partnerships, City National Bank (Student Recognition Program, School Improvement), Herff Jones Larsen Brothers, LLC (Graduation  Initiatives, School Initiatives) Fabrizio Las Vegas (Prom, Student of the Quarter),                          

The Martin Luther King Jr. Monument in Washington DC. #seniortrip

Where's the closest bank?

Disney Youth Education Series. 

Friends forever!!

The Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

My first time on a plane. 

This is what Stuco does. :)

Getting ready for graduation. The nerves are kicking in!!

Congratulations class of 2016. You are amazing!!!

Prom 2016

Pajama Day! #Comfort

We are Global.  We are One!!


Straight A's

Limo ride!!

Prom Court

Prom 2016

Hanging outside the student store.

Spirit Day

Graduation Pride!!

Prom is a great time for a group photo.

A good day to where your lucky shirt!!

Global Assembly

Say "Cheese"!

Mr. Bustamante with his parents, sister, and nieces during the announcement of presenting a scholarship in his sisters honor. 

Lunch time is a great time to hang out with friends!!

Student Council

Graduation Day!!


Spirit Week! #superhero

Did someone call for the Nurse?

Prom 2016

Y.E.S Program by the U.S. Army

One of our wonderful Global Families

Student Council is the best!!

What are you going to get for lunch?


Student of the Quarter #2

Mrs. De Young and Mr. Swagart presenting the Science award. 

Get out and dance. #prom2016

Group HUG!!!! We did it!

Strike a pose!!

Who doesn't like a great BBQ?

Disney Youth Education Series! #Happiestplaceonearth

We are going to Harvard!

No one is cooler than me.

We went all the way to Washington to meet our Senator.

Cheering on our class @ Global Games.

Student of the Quarter Luncheon

Prom 2016

Straight A students got a limo ride to Gramaldi's.

Nice shoes!!

Global garden

You can do it!!

Who is your favorite character?

Ms. Gillespie getting the student body motivated. 

St. Patrick's Day. #don'tgetpinched

Perfecting my Art skills.

Mr. Matiatu

Thank you for showing your support!

Congratulations Mrs. Hritz!!  Heart of Education award winner!!

Your name can go here!

Which book should I check out?

Friends forever!!

Boston Trip.

Mrs. Hafeez and Mrs. Hughs. Smiling everyday.

Guess who I was for Halloween.

We had a great time watching America's past time. 

Can't get off the tablets.

Thank you for your support in our Student of the Quarter Celebration.

Stuco 2016! You rock!

Bunker Hill Monument

Sharing is caring. 

It's my turn to lead.

Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

Seniors posing with Mr. Bustamante!!

We got spirit!! Yes we do!!

Boston Trip

Spirit Day

Friends Forever!!

We get work done.

Spirit Day

Learning about Physics with Disney imagineers. 

Congratulations Yesenia for being an inspiration to all of us. 

Spirit Day


Looking sharp!!

Spring Dress-up Days

Spirit Day


Boston Trip

Fenway Park, Boston. Play Ball!

That is a good looking cake!!

Proud mother. Student of the Quarter #3

Thanks for your help!

Straight A student off to Serendipity.

Off to Boston mom

Lunch time is a good time to let your smile shine!!

Smile for the camera!

School Pep Assembly

Boston Trip

Showing their school spirit!!

Strike a pose!

Congratulations to our 2015 graduates!

Viva Global Family Night decoration.

I'm not scared at all.

We love working with Cambiero ES staff.

Mr. Bustamante and Stuco showing some love.

Mrs. Hafeez with her student. #seniorawards

Global College and Career Fair. 

Boston Tea Party reenactment. 

Did Principal Bustamante get a pie in the face?

Spring Dress-up Days

Senior BBQ

Leadership Students posing with Mr. Bustamante!!


Working cooperatively

Another big check!!

Global Gladiator Dollar. Earn it to burn it @ the Global Store. 

I see you.

Students of the Quarter

Congratulations Mrs. Hafeez!! Heart of Education award winner!!

Enjoying a nice day!!

Spring Dress-up Days

Ms. Gillespie, Heart of Education Award Winner!!!!

Taking care of our little Gladiators. #ThreeSquareFoodBank

Good times!!

Dancing  at Viva Global Family Night,

Prom 2016

We love Global!!

Mr. Hall is great at explaining things.

Congratulations to Students of the Quarter.

Spirit Day

Ready to serve. Viva Global Family Night International

Teacher vs. Student #GlobalGames

Thinking about lunch!!

Lunch with Principal Bustamante

Happy Holidays!


Spirit Day

We are ONE!

Three on Three. #GlobalGames

Thank you Irma and Fabrizio's for being a great partner and hosting our 2016 prom. 

Student of the Quarter luncheon.

If you got straight A's you can ride.

Grilling and Sizzling!

We had a great lunch with our friends. 

Time to rest after a game of soccer.

Yes, we just took your picture, surprise!

We love Global!

Leprechaun on Staff.

Time to rest after a game of soccer.

Congratulations Celina! You earned it. 

Spirit Day!!

Pose for the camera.

Winter assembly.

Fresh hot Habaneros.

Spirit Day

Student of the Quarter

Say Cheese!!

At the Three Square food bank.

Congratulations Irene!!!

Stuco Zone Conference.

Global Values Enthusiasm 

Irene gave a memorable speech.

Viva Global Family Night.

Our dedicated farmers. #globalgarden

Spirit Days

Global Garden


Global vegetable garden.

Helping out at Three Square!!

Prom 2016

Viva Global Family Night!!

You can't see me!

Hello, Mr. President?

Thank you to Stuco students!


Stuco presentation for Nevada Reading Week @ Cambiero ES

Student of the Quarter certificates.

We are Global... We are ONE!

Our friends traveled thousands of miles to visit Global. 


Happy Valentine's Day!

Winter assembly.

Time to ride the limo!!

Representing their favorite teams. #GlobalGames

Ms. Barney is the best!

Getting ready to play some good music.

Stuco is the life of the campus.

Spirit Day

Working with Arturo Cambeiro Elementary School.

Mr. Ball and Mr. Swagart enjoying the food. 

Back to school assembly!

Thank you to our great staff volunteering. 

Disneyland Trip

We love to read!!

Mrs. Pienta is a rock star!

What a celebration!

Thank you for your support Mom. 

Look out world, here we come. 

Are you brothers? 

So Sweet!

Thank you for your support Mom!

Catching the red eye to Boston. 

Global Logo

Senior Trip Washington DC.

Enthusiasm! #GlobalcoreValues

Dancing required at Viva Global Family Night Caribbean,

Spring Dress-up Days

Student of the Quarter luncheon.

Global Games

The Global Logo!!

Bringing the family to help out.

Lunch time is fun time.


There is always plenty of great food at Viva Global Family Night.

Mrs. Fisher, Ms. Gillespie, and Mr. Swagart at Global College and Career Fair.

Spirit Day!!

Thumbs up boys!!

What a staff!

I love the library. 

Global Games

Global dinner table.

Back in time when you go to Boston. 

I love Science!

Mariachis at Viva Global Night Mexico.

Mr. Bustamante's first graduating class. #soproud

Gladiators doing volunteer work. 

Congratulations Ms. Gillespie!! Heart of Education award winner!!

Seniors with attitude!!

Stuco Zone Conference

Congratulations Mrs. Hritz!! Heart of Education award winner!!

Do you have a favorite Disney character? #spritweek

Boston Trip

Now that's a big check!!

Heart of Education Award Finalist. Mrs. Hritz, Mrs. Hafeez, and Ms. Gillespie.

Collaborative learning is great way to help understand difficult concepts!!

Students of the Quarter!!

Global garden

Coach Bertsch aka Ditka!

Disney Trip

Thank you for your support Dad!

Congratulations Jorge!!!

Eating lunch with our friends from South Africa. Thank you for your leadership seminar. 

Setting up for Viva Global Family Night!!

Hi Mrs. Rodgers!

Reading is awesome!!

So proud!!

Our students meeting a holocaust survivor. 

Spring Dress-up Days

Family is everything.

Spring Dress-up Days

Getting ready to work with  Cambiero ES students.

Senior Trip to Boston 2015

Y.E.S Program by the U.S. Army 

Prom 2015

Over 200 hundred bags packed. #DoVolunteerWork

Thumbs up to our Student of the Quarter winners!!

We love this place.

Standing atop Arlington cemetery. 

Your support is valuable. Thank you for participating in our Student of the Quarter Celebration.

Go Red Sox! Boston Senior Trip 2015.


Student of the quarter.

Welcome back assembly.

Global students love working together.

Mr. Matutino and Mrs. Fisher.

College and Career Day

Flowers all around!!

I found a reindeer!

Global Games

Our visit to Cambiero ES. #inspireothers

Lunch time decisions

Spirit Day

Student of the quarter celebration is about to begin!

Spring Dress-up Days

Hi Five Friday!

Viva Global Family Night Caribbean 

Our Star Graduates of 2016

Viva Global Family Night Central America.

Student of the Quarter luncheon.

Spring Dress-up Days

Looking Sharp!!

Y.E.S Program by the U.S. Army

Gabbi showing off her skills at Viva Global Night Mexico

Spirit Day

Strike a pose!!

Bring your own device. #BYOD

Spring Dress-up Days

You're a star!

We appreciate you!!

Center Piece for Viva Global Family Night International

Student of the Quarter Luncheon

These students can't wait to get into the the library!

News & Announcements

Ms. Gillespie named Heart of Education Award winner!!!

Ms. Gillespie was one of 20 teachers out of 800 finalist to be named Heart of Education Award winner. Thank you to the Smith Center who donated $1,000 to Global High School in honor of Ms. Gillespie. A huge thank you and congratulations to Ms. Gillespie in her well deserved award.

Global joins the ZOOM family!

Global becomes the only High School in the district to become designated as a ZOOM school. The announcement was featured in our local news from Channel 8 and Telemundo. Click on the headline to view the announcement from Channel 8 Las Vegas.

Global Teachers Heading to San Francisco

In our commitment to our mission statement in using innovative researched based instruction, nine of Global's teachers are attending the Quality Teaching for English Learners Summer Institute. They are taking a week out of their summer for intensive classroom learning to better their craft and best serve Global's students.

Student Council T-shirt Graphic Design Winners!!!!

Global's Student Council won the Sportco Graphic Design contest. Eleventh grader, Carlos Torres designed the winning T-shirt for Global. Sportco is donating 50 shirts to our students council. "We are Global....We are Winners!!"

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